Statement : Ukraine
Throughout its history, the Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition of Belgium has been renowned for its openness and for bringing people together through sharing music. Artists from all over the world have always found a warm welcome here, even in the toughest days of the Cold War.

The Competition has never taken any political positions because doing so is neither its mission nor its area of expertise. Nonetheless, in view of the terrible events that are currently unfolding, the Queen Elisabeth Competition strongly condemns the Russian Federation’s aggression against the Ukraine and expresses solidarity with the people who are suffering the terrible effects of this war, and in particular with the Ukrainian people and with Ukrainian artists. The Competition also wishes to express its appreciation for the Russian artists who are bravely mobilising for peace.

Since its inception, the rules of the Competition have stipulated that “a candidate cannot be rejected on any ideological, linguistic, political, religious, or racial basis." All young artists will be welcomed, whatever their nationality.

In these troubled times, when some people are quick to use culture and the arts for nationalist and warlike ends, we believe, on the contrary, that the arts must continue to unite people around universal values such as peace, justice, and freedom.

We trust that the participants in the Competition subscribe to those fundamental principles.

We truly hope that the musicians and audience members who will soon join us at the Competition will contribute, each in their own way, to spreading those values, in a spirit of mutual respect and non-violence.

The Queen Elisabeth Competition is a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions and underwrites the statement of the situation in Ukraine.

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