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Daniel Blumenthal
United States of America
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Semi-final 2018: Irina Jae-Eun ParkPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2018: Danylo MatviienkoPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2018: Sooyeon LeePianist accompanist
First round 2018 : Yuko HayashiPianist accompanist
First round 2018 : Jungrae KimPianist accompanist
First round 2018 : Irina Jae-Eun ParkPianist accompanist
First round 2018 : Danylo MatviienkoPianist accompanist
First round 2018 : Sooyeon LeePianist accompanist
First round 2018 : Bertrand DubyPianist accompanist
VOICE 2018Pianist
Semi-final 2017: Alexey Zhilin - recitalPianist accompanist
First round 2017 : Jinkyung WonPianist accompanist
First round 2017 : Alexey ZhilinPianist accompanist
First round 2017 : Xin ShiPianist accompanist
First round 2017 : Angela ParkPianist accompanist
First round 2017 : Marcel MarkowskiPianist accompanist
First round 2017 : Ayano KamimuraPianist accompanist
First round 2017 : Daeyoun KimPianist accompanist
First round 2017 : Dilshod NarzillaevPianist accompanist
CELLO 2017Pianist
PIANO 2016Member of the artistic committee
Recital by laureates violin 2015Pianist accompanist
Semi-final 2015: Bomsori Kim - recitalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2015: Tobias Feldmann - recitalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2015: Suyeon Kang - recitalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2015: Thomas Reif - recitalPianist accompanist
First round 2015: Ji Yoon LeePianist accompanist
First round 2015: Galiya ZharovaPianist accompanist
First round 2015: Fangyue HePianist accompanist
First round 2015: Eunice KimPianist accompanist
First round 2015: Bomsori Kim Pianist accompanist
First round 2015: Suyeon Kang Pianist accompanist
First round 2015: Marisol Lee Pianist accompanist
First round 2015: Richard LinPianist accompanist
First round 2015: Jian RenPianist accompanist
First round 2015: Thomas ReifPianist accompanist
VIOLIN 2015Pianist
Recital by a laureate of the 2014 voice competitionPianist
Concertino : Sheva TehovalPianist
Concertino : Daniela GerstenmeyerPianist
Semi-final 2014: Yu ShaoPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2014: Sheva TehovalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2014 : Meghan LindsayPianist accompanist
First round 2014: Ilona KrzywickaPianist accompanist
First round 2014: Marina NachkebiyaPianist accompanist
First round 2014: Plamena GirginovaPianist accompanist
First round 2014: Jennifer MichelPianist accompanist
First round 2014: Marta SwiderskaPianist accompanist
First round 2014: Hrafnhildur ÁrnadóttirPianist accompanist
First round 2014: Charlotte DellionPianist accompanist
First round 2014: Meghan LindsayPianist accompanist
First round 2014: Liying YangPianist accompanist
VOICE 2014Pianist
PIANO 2013Member of the artistic committee
Recital by a laureate of the 2012 violin competitionPianist
Recital by a laureate of the 2012 violin competitionPianist
Recital by a laureate of the 2012 violin competitionPianist
Concertino : Ermir AbeshiPianist
Concertino : Nancy ZhouPianist
Concertino : Nikki ChooiPianist
Final 2012: Tseng Yu-ChienPianist accompanist
Final 2012: Esther YooPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2012: Esther Yoo - recitalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2012: Yu-Chien Tseng - recitalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2012: Richard Lin - recitalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2012: Stefan Tarara - recitalPianist accompanist
First round 2012: Yu-Chien TsengPianist accompanist
First round 2012: Esther YooPianist accompanist
First round 2012: Aiko KamishikiryoPianist accompanist
First round 2012: Aiko KamishikiryoPianist accompanist
First round 2012: Boson MoPianist accompanist
First round 2012: Arsenis SelalmazidisPianist accompanist
First round 2012: Stefani CollinsPianist accompanist
First round 2012: Suliman TekalliPianist accompanist
First round 2012: Sulki YuPianist accompanist
First round 2012: Stefan TararaPianist accompanist
VIOLIN 2012Pianist
Semi-final 2011:Thomas BlondellePianist accompanist
Semi-final 2011: Georg GädkerPianist accompanist
First round 2011: Georg GädkerPianist accompanist
VOICE 2011Pianist
Semi-final 2008: Sébastien ParottePianist accompanist
Semi-final 2008: Anna KasyanPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2008: Kishani JayasinghePianist accompanist
VOICE 2008Pianist
Semi-final 2004: Igor GnidiiPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2004: Lionel LhotePianist accompanist
Semi-final 2004: Sabine ConzenPianist accompanist
SINGING 2004Pianist
Final 2001: Christina CastelliPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2001: Alexis Cardenas - recitalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2001: Amanda Favier - recitalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2001: Christina Castelli - recitalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2001: Karin Ato - recitalPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2001: Ju-Young Baek - recitalPianist accompanist
VIOLIN 2001Pianist
Semi-final 2000: Marie-Nicole Lemieux - liedPianist accompanist
Semi-final 2000: David Dong Qyu Lee - liedPianist accompanist
SINGING 2000Pianist
VIOLIN 1997Pianist
Final 1996: Stephanie Houtzeel Pianist accompanist
Semi-final 1996: Eleni Matos - liedPianist accompanist
SINGING 1996Pianist
Final piano 1995Member of the jury
Semi-final piano 1995Member of the jury
First round piano 1995Member of the jury
PIANO 1995Member of the jury
Final 1993: Chie AbikoPianist accompanist
Final 1993: Rachel BartonPianist accompanist
Final 1993: Liviu PrunaruPianist accompanist
Final 1993: Marco RizziPianist accompanist
VIOLIN 1993Pianist
Final 1992: Isabelle KabatuPianist accompanist
Final 1992: Wendy HoffmanPianist accompanist
Final 1992: Cristina Gallardo-Domas Pianist accompanist
Semi-final 1992: Wendy Hoffman - liedPianist accompanist
Semi-final 1992: Isabelle Kabatu - liedPianist accompanist
Semi-final 1992: Craig Morphis - liedPianist accompanist
Semi-final 1992: Anastassios Christoyannopoulos - liedPianist accompanist
SINGING 1992Pianist
VIOLIN 1989Pianist
Semi-final 1988: Eva Hess-Thaysen - oratorioPianist accompanist
Semi-final 1988: Eva Hess-Thaysen - liederPianist accompanist
SINGING 1988Pianist
PIANO 1987Member of the artistic committee
Final 1985: Ik-Hwan BaePianist accompanist
Final 1985: Michaela PaetschPianist accompanist
Final 1985: Chin KimPianist accompanist
Semi-final 1985: Angel GimenoPianist accompanist
Semi-final 1985: Ik-Hwan BaePianist accompanist
Semi-final 1985: Chin KimPianist accompanist
Semi-final 1985: Michaela PaetschPianist accompanist
VIOLIN 1985Pianist
Laureates' concert with the 2nd, 4th and 6th laureate piano 1983Soloist
Final 1983: Daniel BlumenthalSoloist
Semi-final 1983: Daniel BlumenthalSoloist
PIANO 1983Fourth Prize
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